Nexalin Technology for Treating Depression

It is normal for people to feel sad, or blue every once in a while. However, when the feelings of being sad interfere with daily life and last for prolonged periods it may be depression. Depression can make things that were once satisfying and fulfilling become a dread and drudgery, taking the luster out of every day life. In many instances, those suffering from depressive disorders will not seek treatment, but depression is a serious disorder and most of the time requires treatment to get better.

The NIMH defines major depressive disorder as, “characterized by a combination of symptoms that interfere with a person’s ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy once-pleasurable activities. Major depression is disabling and prevents a person from functioning normally.”[3] Other forms of depression include dysthymic disorder which is characterized by long-term symptoms that don’t necessarily disable a person, but prevent normal functioning and feeling well; Minor depression which can last 2 weeks or longer but does not meet the full criteria for major depressive disorder; psychotic depression which occurs when someone experiences depression in conjunction with psychosis such as disturbing false beliefs, delusions or hallucinations; Postpartum depression in women after child-birth; Seasonal affective disorder which occurs when there is less natural sunlight; and bipolar disorder where people experience extreme emotional highs and lows.

If you or a loved one suffers from Depression, then it might be time to try Nexalin.  Talk with your doctor to learn more.

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