After having a chronic, underlying depression my whole 54 yrs and having tried all the medications with nothing but horrible side effects and not getting rid of the depression, I decided to give the Nexalin therapy a shot. I wanted to be totally objective about the treatment and not succumb to a placebo effect, knowing that our minds can be pretty powerful. Nothing happened for the first 5 treatments and frankly, I was getting a little discouraged. On the 6th day I had… newfound energy. The 7th day after the treatment I felt the physical leaving of the sadness I had had all my life. It was like a separate energy that just left and I felt it go. I also felt many phobic fears go also and 2 weeks later are still gone. I found the experience and the people to have been very loving and supportive. I would totally recommend that anyone with depression to use Nexalin first instead of drugs because it is natural and brings our bodies back into balance without side effects.

Pat, Minnesota



Family members went as a group, each looking for relief from various problems, mostly insomnia. We had heard there were other “side benefits” some clients experienced from the treatments which we felt would help each of us. We went to participate in the first clinic opening, with great hopes for relief from Insomnia. Within two days I was able to sleep through the night without awakening. This continued for several months afterwards, and even after that my sleep was more consistent and restful. Additionally, I found that stress from my whole situation was less intense and easier to deal with. I attributed this to the therapy, as nothing else had changed. I believe the experience was presented in a totally caring, and professional manner by all the staff. They demonstrated sincere concern for your understanding, safe environment and comfort throughout the sessions.

Katie, Illinois



I lost my get up and go. Had no energy, didn’t know why. My wife went on the device clearly knowing she was depressed. I saw the difference in her and had to do something, so I went thru therapy. Amazing!!! I’m back to staying busy, etc. My appetite came back; I’m off the couch and staying busy, socializing again. Incredible! All benefits are still with me. Going on a year now. Words cannot describe getting your life back. I had no idea I was depressed. On a scale of 1-10– with 10 being best: 300!

Jim, California



In 2008 I was diagnosed with shingles. It (nerve pain) progressively got worse. As time went on I got depressed and I couldn’t sleep.  And with sleepless night I started getting anxious. At one point I was taking medicine for depression, anxiety and insomnia.  Since the therapy I have cut back considerably on all of my meds. I have been able to sleep at night with no interruption.  In 2012, I am not taking as much pain medication for my shingles nerve pain. With less pain I don’t have the depression or anxiety. I sleep better at night and feel refreshed and ready for the day. Whereas before I didn’t even want to get out of bed. Very satisfied, everyone cared about how I felt. It wasn’t just another visit to the doctor.  Thank you Nexalin for giving me back my life.

Carol, California



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