How long is Nexalin Advanced Therapy?

A Nexalin Therapy regimen consists of a total of 10 daily sessions- 5 consecutive treatments, Monday through Friday, for two weeks. Each Nexalin session lasts about an hour.

Will I feel anything during the treatment session?

Most people feel nothing at all; however, there is a possibility that you may feel a warm sensation as your microcirculation increases. This is part of the body’s natural healing process that can begin during the therapy.

What should I expect during Nexalin Therapy?

Your therapy session will take place in a quiet, private room. You will be reclined in a comfortable chair with a pillow and blanket, if desired. The sessions are so soothing that most people actually fall asleep. Most people report that they awake feeling totally refreshed.

What happens if I miss a Nexalin Therapy session?

Studies have shown that maximum benefit is received from 10 days of therapy. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment one day, the clinic will make every effort to fit you in at another time that day. If you must miss one session, continue your treatments for the remainder of the therapy. If circumstances arise where you must miss more than one session, it is highly recommended that you reschedule your therapy for another time.

When should I feel results?

Every individual is physiologically different and therefore each body reacts to Nexalin Therapy in its own unique way. Many people notice a change in how they feel within the first 24 hours and continue to improve over the course of the therapy. Others may not feel results until the therapy is completed, or even until days afterwards. Because Nexalin Therapy provides long-term relief, you may experience improvements weeks or months after completion of your sessions.

How long will the results of my therapy last?

Patients involved in two clinical studies were followed, one set for 14 weeks and the other for 6 months. The results showed that there was no significant drop in effectiveness after 14 weeks. The 6-month group also continued to show a significant effect from the therapy. We believe the therapy will provide relief for more than 6 months. It is our plan to continue monitoring patients to better understand the lasting effects of Nexalin Therapy.

Will this treatment affect the way I take my medications?

The use of medication after Nexalin Therapy is a personal decision that must be made by you and your physician. However, the long-term relief offered by Nexalin Therapy may allow adjustments in your medications.

Will Nexalin cause damage to my brain or other structures in my head?

No. In all of the clinical studies using Nexalin Therapy, there have been no serious side effects as a result of Nexalin Therapy. The patented waveform of the Nexalin Device focuses its stimulating energy solely on the area of the brain involving the antinociceptive system (including the hypothalamus and associated structures).

How long has this therapy been available?

The first Nexalin Therapy sessions for pain were provided in January 2007 at the Fachklinik St. Georg in Bad Soden-Salmunster, Germany, although clinical trials began in 2003. The first Nexalin Therapy sessions for anxiety, depression, and insomnia occurred in October 2007 in Bad Nauheim, Germany and in April 2008 in Huntington Beach, California. In 2008, German operations were discontinued in order to focus on the expansion of Nexalin Therapy in the U.S. market. In July 2009, Nexalin Therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia was made available in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Is Nexalin cleared by the FDA?

Yes. The Nexalin Device is cleared by the FDA as a Transcranial Electrotherapy Stimulator. You can view the 510(k) Summary by clicking here to visit the FDA site directly.

Are there any side effects with the Nexalin Therapy?

The wonderful thing about Nexalin Therapy is that there are no serious side effects. During clinical trials there were only a few instances of mild headache, slight dizziness, and some nausea. In all cases the affects resolved on their own without the use of medication.

Will I still have an electric current in my brain after the treatment?

No. Just like a light switch, once the session ends the current is turned off and the patient is disconnected from the Nexalin Device. The current does not accumulate or linger in the brain.

Can I safely drive?

We do not know whether you are a safe driver. Only your insurance agent knows for sure. Nexalin Therapy will not interfere with your ability to drive.

What do I do if I feel an unusual experience after my treatment? (positive or negative)

Immediately contact the Nexalin Advanced Therapy Center if you have any unusual symptoms or sensations following a Nexalin Therapy session.

Will treatment to my brain affect my memory?

Nexalin Therapy will not negatively affect your memory. However, some patients treated with Nexalin Therapy have reported an improvement in their cognitive thinking and reported feeling more alert.

If I like the effects of the treatment, when can I safely receive therapy again?

There is no danger in receiving consecutive therapies. However, it is recommended that you give your body the opportunity to adjust following your Nexalin Therapy.

Why are the electrodes put on the forehead and behind the ears?

The placement of the electrodes (one on the forehead and one on each mastoid area) maximizes the effect of the patented Nexalin waveform which focuses its stimulating energy solely on the area of the brain involving the antinociceptive system (including the hypothalamus and associated structures).

Is there anything special about the electrodes used during the Nexalin Therapy?

Yes. The Nexalin Electrodes are specifically manufactured to be compatible with the Nexalin Device and include a gel and adhesive that minimize the potential for skin irritation. The electrodes have been rigorously tested to meet high quality standards to ensure consistent performance.

Is Nexalin Therapy covered by insurance?

Not at this time.

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