Nexalin Technology Management


Randall M. Letcavage

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

In his role as Chief Executive Officer of Nexalin Technology, Mr. Letcavage provides requisite financial expertise regarding healthcare industry finance practices. He brings over 25 years experience in financial services with an extensive background in corporate reorganizations and finance programs in the medical industry.

Specific to healthcare markets, Mr. Letcavage has founded and managed several asset management firms including Valley Forge Capital Holdings, and Marshall Plan, LLC; managing over $6B in assets.

Further, Mr. Letcavage has dealt in healthcare financing of over $1B in various capital raises, senior debt and equity financing deals, serving as a chief financial advisor to those transactions. Clients include: PacifiCare, Toshiba, Dental Care Alliance, Siemens, and The Schumacher Group.

Additionally, Mr. Letcavage is a Managing Director and Principal of iCapital Finance, and as Senior Managing Director of iCapital Advisory. He is also a Managing Partner and Principal in iCapital Equities, LLC, which provides funding for publicly traded companies. As founder and principal shareholder of iCap Development, LLC (A National “Community Development Entity” – certified by the U.S. Treasury Department), Mr. Letcavage has advised numerous public, private, and municipal clients on various transactions and financings in a wide range of industries; including technology, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, energy and Green Initiatives (see

Mr. Letcavage holds Business and Finance Degrees from Michigan State and Northwood University.



Mark White

Vice President Operations

Mr White’s executive and management experiences spanning the last 20 years have been based in sales and marketing. Including the development of business models for his startup companies and distressed business acquisitions. Mr White specializes in the performance of service based companies, from a perspective of financial stability, and the quality and efficiency of services provided. Mr White’s recent health services research and his current stewardship of Unique Mindcare in Houston, Texas, strengthen his credentials in the development and implementation of medical technology business models.

Mr. White has vested the previous 3 years studying the Nexalin Technology and the Nexalin Advanced Therapy in the patient and practitioner community. In 2010, Mr White’s distribution company, iiCOM Strategic, became the first national distribution provider for Nexalin Technology Inc. His recent development of clinical models utilizing the Nexalin Technology has uniquely positioned him as a provider of consulting aspects related to the use of Nexalin in clinical applications across the United States.

In January of 2012, Mr White joined the Nexalin Technology corporate team to oversee operations and the development of a successful clinical model for all providers employing the Nexalin Technology.


Brad Shupe

Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Shupe has over 25 years of Financial Services and Sales and Marketing experience working with Fortune 500 Corporations; Non-Profit organizations, Start-ups and Private Investors. Over the last two years he has built a worldwide medical distributor network of over 40 distributors that collectively have generated over $500M in annual sales. He has re-engineered several of their business models and Sales and Marketing processes to drive overall corporate execution and return on shareholder investment. He currently holds a portfolio of over 150 medical distributor relationships worldwide. 

Mr. Shupe is a graduate of the University Of Phoenix in Business Administration and MS in Communications from Golden Gate University. Mr. Shupe provides various services including asset acquisition, administration and will be responsible for supervising all of the day-to-day operations of the Company. 


Dr. Yakov Katsnelson

Chief Scientist/ Medical Director

Dr. Katsnelson received his Masters in Neuro-Physiology and his M.D. at the Pediatrics Medical School in St. Petersburg, Russia. He served his internship at the Pskov Regional Hospital in Pskov, Russia and conducted his post-graduate studies at the National Institute of Post-Graduate Education in St. Petersburg, in Anesthesiology Specialization. Dr. Katsnelson did his residency in Anesthesiology at the National Institute of Pulmonology in St. Petersburg, Russia. His thesis was “Transcranial Electroanalgesia in Anesthesiology and Pain Treatment for his PHD in Anesthesiology. Dr. Katsnelson has been published more than 78 times with 18 of those in German or English.


Louis Lopez

Vice President Finance and Investor Relations

Mr. Lopez has over 25 years of Financial Services experience working largely with Fortune 500 Corporations. He began his career working for Merrill Lynch and other financial pedigrees on Wall Street functioning principally in Commodities Markets. Over time, Mr. Lopez migrated into Advanced Technologies working for companies including Qwest, Nortel Networks and Marconi Communications as Vice President, Major Accounts responsible for over $100B Annual Capital Expenditure Budget.

Mr. Lopez has also been involved in numerous start-up ventures and worked as Business Consultant and Strategist to support and facilitate private and institutional capital investments for a multitude of companies, non-profit organizations and large scale Commercial Projects throughout the globe well in excess of $5B.

Mr. Lopez attended Rutgers University with an emphasis in Marketing and Information Systems; additionally he has participated in EMBA classes from the Harvard Business School.


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